Roger Raguso Headshot2Roger Ragusa


I was recently asked why I became a board member of the Mount Vernon Library Foundation. A year ago a friend of mine asked me if I would consider a position. I graciously accepted and am honored to be with such dedicated people who have the vision and the ability to help bring a much needed new library to fruition for the citizens of Mount Vernon. When I think of the library back in my school days, it was primarily filled with books, but today, it is an essential resource offering so much more. Resources measured not just in books for research or for the joy of reading, but computers to further educate and inform the public for the young and older adult. It facilitates the needs of all the various economic and diverse racial communities. The library now more than ever is a place to educate, inform and create a learning center for the good of the individual and society at large. I had heard once that a great nation is defined by its great art. I feel as though a great nation is also defined by its quest for knowledge and an informed public. The library defines and identifies that which is a vibrant community. I am blessed to be a part of the ongoing movement to bring a new library to the city of Mount Vernon.